yeah, I am single SINGLE

SO, I have to be honest, I really wanted to be completely transparent with my blog. And I planned to speak on my love life often, and way more than I have. That was my vision with naming this tab “Girls Need Love.” But after the first post, I thought to myself: “This is kind of depressing” lol. But this is what I am going through but it won’t be the end *sends prayers to God*. With that being said, here we go.

I woke up this morning to a text message from my friend saying “we need to find you a man.” Lmao, this made me feel great… NOT! Like girl, don’t you think I want to be in a relationship and have someone who wants to bond and build with me? Make me feel beautiful even when I am in-between hairstyles and need to get my hair done. I want to go one new adventure and create memories with a significant other, but I am not settling. I have yet to come across someone of value. Someone who meets basic standards of being honest, genuine and consistent. But I’m not gonna lie, I created a Tinder because I am starting to feel the pressure. And I am not insecure, but with that said, what is the disconnect?  What have I sewn into the universe that has deemed me isolated from love 😩 this is tragic… drop positivity quotes in he comments at this point lol

But to stamp how single I am, I am going to the movies later to see The Hate You Give. I really want to see it and I am not going to allow my singleness to prevent me from seeing it. So if it isn’t clear, I am single SINGLE


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