Meeting Miss America

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This past weekend I met Miss America. She is so down to earth. I never paid attention to pageants so I was not familiar with her prior. Nonetheless, it was a very pleasant experience. She spoke about how she too was discouraged by others not seeing her potential, like many other black girls. And it did not even pertain to her interests in pageants, but her other passion: music and the arts. I was honored to simply be in the presence of a young, black woman who was following her dreams and defying the odds and being an ideal example for young girls who look like us.

Genuine Done Lost It

So I went out this weekend to the Genuine Concert at the Howard Theater. For anyone who has been to the Howard Theater, you know that it is not that big. And the place was empty. Lmao, like I  really do not mean to laugh because it actually made me sad. Naturally, I am just very emotional, but to see someone trying to hold on to something that they have clearly lost was just a tragic site. Um, he looked decent fr to be in the industry for so long but I am pretty sure last night was a wake-up call for him. He kept putting the mic to the crowd for them to sing along and no one knew the lyrics. I was thinking to myself, “Sir, please stop. Just go ahead and sing the lil song and get it over with.” They literally had to be new songs or something lol. But I captured this pic, just as a reminder to know when to let certain things go.. Yikes!AB OUT

Hey girl!

This blog is my contribution, but not limited, to all the young black women like myself. Women who are a sister, a friend, in school, chasing their dreams, and on the journey of finding true love..within their self. Is that you? Because this is my personal diary to you. I like pretty things so my posts will be forms of me venting by posting things that make me happy. It may get deep, but maybe not. Stay tuned. 

 “…flower child, beautiful child, I’m in your zone.” -Champagne Papi 🍾