Serving a side of Trump

SO .. I served Tiffany Trump this weekend. I work at a tapas bar near U Street in Washinton, D.C. It was her and a few of her friends. To be completely honest – I didn’t even know who she was when I first began serving the table. But I will say she stood out because she was evident to be the biggest pain in my “hind side.” She was nagging about things that I had no control over and her tone was generally demeaning, and despite this being my first-week serving, I didn’t allow that to alter my temperament. SO as I served bottomless Mimosa’s, gave a free round of shots, and a free round of Champagne, I joked and made light of the situation. Yes, there were guys with earpieces in their ear, but I didn’t think much of it because we are in D.C. Nonetheless, I provided great service, was continuously told that I did a great job, and this resulted in receiving a $10 tip on a $500 bill. Should I be upset? OR am I wrong for expecting more since her father is a billionaire? Let me know what’s up below…

Getting a(head) of yourself

So do you ever talk to your close girlfriend, and she spills the tea on what’s going on with her, and it’s not good(positive) tea, therefore, it’s piping hot tea and you almost fall to the floor, bump your head, faint and come back in shock? Well, that’s me too. So basically the tea was: she and her boyfriend of 3+ years, whom she shares a home with decided that they needed a break. So I am like okay, that’s something they can recover from if it’s stemming from a need of self-development. But then she says, “no – Lex its more. He gave another girl head after I already caught them communicating.” [Pause]. Let the record reflect that I began to wrap a cord around my neck to see if this was a reality lol (not to actually harm myself, I am just extremely dramatic). She then tells me that his reasoning is because she has not been giving him enough attention, that she has been too focused on work and not on him. Mind you – we are 21-22 years old. This is the age that we must establish ourselves, and you are telling me that because it is grind season that gives you permission to step outside of your commitment to your girlfriend? And hearing this really hurt me, not because this is my friend but because of who my friend is. Who is she? She is one of the most determined people that I know. She traveled across the world to follow her dreams, with a less than ideal beginning. No job, no support and no idea how things were going to actually play out. But she stuck it out, stayed low, and now she is up UP. Dream job recently graduated and taking the necessary steps to make herself great. And because of this, she was violated. Why can’t men give women the benefit of the doubt that we give them? Because a woman would have acknowledged the man’s hustle and made an excuse for his lack of presence in the relationship, but guys run to the next easy solution? With that being said,  let me ask, am I being too harsh or am I on point with my view of women never getting the benefit of the doubt? Let me know in the comments, maybe I am getting ahead of myself.