Girls Need Love

So, Girls Need Love by Summer Walker has been my go-to for the past two weeks. It speaks to my soul!! Maybe because I have been single for the past four years. [Pause] Nonetheless, I am 21, you do the math.

YES, MY LAST RELATIONSHIP WAS IN HIGH SCHOOL. And I wouldn’t even call that a relationship *rolls eyes* lol okay let me not act like I wasn’t saying I was in love with him because I truly thought that’s what it was at the time… But looking back I was longing for love from someone who did not love their self. And I am not busting shots at him, but now that I have had time to grow, I understand and accept the truth.

To be completely transparent, I was seeking the love that I did not know how to give myself. He represents a season and I appreciate his role, no bad blood. With that being said, this chapter “Girls Need Love” is my truth and my story. Girls do need love, and I found myself going about it the wrong way, but recovering by the Grace of God. Details to come in my next post in this chapter. Below are pictures of me during that season of misunderstanding love. I cut all of my hair off into a mohawk and rarely smiled. This was the beginning of my journey.

Talk to you later, girl.

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“Forgive yourself for loving the wrong person.” -Quora