yeah, I am single SINGLE

SO, I have to be honest, I really wanted to be completely transparent with my blog. And I planned to speak on my love life often, and way more than I have. That was my vision with naming this tab “Girls Need Love.” But after the first post, I thought to myself: “This is kind of depressing” lol. But this is what I am going through but it won’t be the end *sends prayers to God*. With that being said, here we go.

I woke up this morning to a text message from my friend saying “we need to find you a man.” Lmao, this made me feel great… NOT! Like girl, don’t you think I want to be in a relationship and have someone who wants to bond and build with me? Make me feel beautiful even when I am in-between hairstyles and need to get my hair done. I want to go one new adventure and create memories with a significant other, but I am not settling. I have yet to come across someone of value. Someone who meets basic standards of being honest, genuine and consistent. But I’m not gonna lie, I created a Tinder because I am starting to feel the pressure. And I am not insecure, but with that said, what is the disconnect?  What have I sewn into the universe that has deemed me isolated from love 😩 this is tragic… drop positivity quotes in he comments at this point lol

But to stamp how single I am, I am going to the movies later to see The Hate You Give. I really want to see it and I am not going to allow my singleness to prevent me from seeing it. So if it isn’t clear, I am single SINGLE


Meeting Miss America

Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 10.58.57 AM

This past weekend I met Miss America. She is so down to earth. I never paid attention to pageants so I was not familiar with her prior. Nonetheless, it was a very pleasant experience. She spoke about how she too was discouraged by others not seeing her potential, like many other black girls. And it did not even pertain to her interests in pageants, but her other passion: music and the arts. I was honored to simply be in the presence of a young, black woman who was following her dreams and defying the odds and being an ideal example for young girls who look like us.

Hey girl!

This blog is my contribution, but not limited, to all the young black women like myself. Women who are a sister, a friend, in school, chasing their dreams, and on the journey of finding true love..within their self. Is that you? Because this is my personal diary to you. I like pretty things so my posts will be forms of me venting by posting things that make me happy. It may get deep, but maybe not. Stay tuned. 

 “…flower child, beautiful child, I’m in your zone.” -Champagne Papi 🍾