It’s a wrap sir, that’s a fact, sir!

To all who viewed my site, I hope that it brought you a tidbit of joy, or at least allowed you to get a glimpse of me. Although most of my posts are minimalistic, it was my way of releasing energy and sharing what was going on in my head and in my world. This was apart of a school assignment, but there will be more to come.



Network for the Networth

Going to Atlanta this weekend for a conference… super excited. I have never been to the ATL before. This is actually a place that I would be open to living after graduation. I am going to a networking event held by Publicis.. a marketing communications conglomerate. I still have not secured a job for after graduation, so please pray all goes well and the bag is secured.



Hey girl!

This blog is my contribution, but not limited, to all the young black women like myself. Women who are a sister, a friend, in school, chasing their dreams, and on the journey of finding true love..within their self. Is that you? Because this is my personal diary to you. I like pretty things so my posts will be forms of me venting by posting things that make me happy. It may get deep, but maybe not. Stay tuned. 

 “…flower child, beautiful child, I’m in your zone.” -Champagne Papi 🍾